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Common Questions

What areas do you service?

We service all of Palm Beach and Broward county in sunny South Florida.

What services do you offer?

We do just about everything when it comes to swimming pools. New Equipment installation, Upgrades, Repairs and Leak Detection. We work with all major brands and even some of the lesser known generic brands. We can do pumps, motors, filters, heat pumps (heaters), timers, valves, plumbing, salt systems, pool lights, automation and more. You can always get more information about your particular situation by calling us, 954-799-6250 or reaching out to us online

How do I know if my pool is leaking or if it's just natural evaporation?

A quick rule of thumb is that if, the pool loses more then 1.5 inches of water in 1 weeks time, it is probably leaking. However, if you would like to be sure before hiring us to do a Leak Detection, you can do the bucket test below.

How do I do the bucket test to see if my pool is leaking?

A great way to test and see if you have a  pool leak is the bucket test. To do this test you will need a bucket without a lid. A 5 gallon bucket is ideal.


1) Fill your pool to it's correct normal level (generally speaking that is usually mid way up at the skimmer opening).


2) Place the bucket without a lid on the first step of the pool and fill the bucket a few inches higher than the pool water around it so it doesn't float away (or place something heavy in the bucket with the water such as rocks or a brick). Mark the water level inside the bucket with a permanent marker or duct tape and do the same for the pool water level on the outside of the bucket.


3) Then watch the level of water in the pool and the bucket for 1 week, do not add water to the pool during this time (unless the pool becomes dangerously low). Because the bucket and the pool were exposed to the same amount of sun and rain after 1 week, if the water in the pool has gone down more than the water in the bucket then you have a leak.

What's the difference between your Free Estimate and the In Person Service Call?

Our Free Estimate is an over the phone estimate given based on what information you can tell us about the problem you are having. We give you an estimated price range for the repair using the information you provide.

Our Service Call is where an actual pool mechanic comes to your house, goes over the pool equipment, identifying issues. They will tell you what's wrong and gives an accurate quote to fix it. Our service call is $95 but, if you do the repair with us, the service call fee is waived. Or, if you prepaid for the service call the $95 is subtracted from the repair cost.

After the Free Estimate, what's next?

If you want to move forward with a repair after you receive a Free Estimate, we will schedule a day and a time that works best for you. You do not have to be home as long as we have access to your pool and pool equipment. It is, however, always better if you can be there so we can show you what we find and go over things with you in person.

If the problem is as you described during the Free Estimate and within the estimated price range, we will complete the repair and, if you are home, we will show you what was done and give you any relevant instructions for care and use. If you are not home, we will call you once the repair is completed and go over things with you on the phone. Payment for all repairs is due upon completion.

If the problem is not as described to us during the Free Estimate or will be more expensive then was estimated, we show you why and what needs to be done (or call you to explain if you are not at home). At that time, if you approve the updated price, we will proceed with the repair. However, if you decline the repair once we have come out to the property and diagnosed everything, a $95 service call will be due.

If you decline the repair but later change your mind and have the repair done within 30 days of the Service Call, we will subtract the cost of the service call from the repair.

Why is my pool pump so loud?

Pumps get a little louder under increased strain such as a dirty filter but, not usually enough to be concerned about.

What most people who ask this question are referring to is a noise loud enough so that they can hear it inside their home. Or, perhaps it is bothering the neighbors. That is usually the bearings in the motor going bad.

As the motor that drives your pool pump ages, the bearings start to wear out. Then as the bearings in the motor go bad, the motor will get louder and louder until it finally seizes up.

If this is the case, you can choose to fix the problem immediately if the noise is too much. Or, you can wait until the motor completely dies.

Call Us 954-799-6250 or Contact Us Online if you have questions about this issue or would like to get a Free Estimate to fix it.

Why is my filter not working?

As anyone who knows about pools will tell you, that is a very broad question. Here are some of the more common reason we see:

The pool filter is the part of the pool equipment that, as the name implies, filters the water. Commonly, people will use the word "filter" as a general coverall for the pool equipment. But, it's important to distinguish between the pump that circulates the water and the filter that water passes through to be cleaned.

There are three types of filters that we see on residential pools: cartridge, DE and sand. The filter's job is to filter the water. So if the problem you are experiencing is that dust or debris is blowing back into the pool through the pool return jets, then you have a filter problem. This may be caused by the filter being overly dirty or, it may be a repair issue. Start with cleaning the filter and, if that doesn't solve the issues, Call Us at 954-799-6250 and we can discuss possible causes and solutions.

If the problem is that the pump turns on but there is no water circulating through the filter, then your issue is more likely to be a pump or air leak.

If the pump will not turn on at all, first check your breakers to be sure that they are not off or tripped. If the pump still won't come on, then likely the problem is the pool pump motor that drives the pump.

Whatever the problem, don't hesitate to call, we don't mind questions, so Give Us a Call at 954-799-6250 or Contact Us Online.

Why can't I find an address for Freedom Pool Repair?

We are based out of Coconut Creek, Florida. Since all of the work we do is at customer's pools, we don't have a store front or a traditional office.

This allows us to keep our cost low so that we can provide excellent service at a fair price.

We service all of Broward and Palm Beach county.

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