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Leak Detection for a Residential Pool

Is your pool losing 1.5 inches of water per week or more?

  • 3 hours
  • 375 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Leaks can be annoying and, if left unaddressed, can cause problems, not to mention waste money in water and chemicals. If your pool is losing 1.5 inches of water a week, or more, you probably have a leak somewhere. Our Leak Detection includes checking the entire pool for leaks. Our Leak Detection is done with the water filled up to the normal water line in the pool and almost all of the time we are able to find and fix the leak for our flat rate fee of $375. But for those rare cases that require a bit more, or if you just want more information, please read below. The purpose of a "Leak Detection" is, of course, to find the leak and we usually are able to also fix the leak at no additional cost beyond the original Leak Detection price. Once we locate the leak, depending on the type of leak and where it is found, there are a few ways we may move forward: 1) The most common outcome is that we find the leak inside of the pool and not underground. In most of these cases we are able to use a special pool patch that hardens underwater to instantly fix the leak. This is included in the leak detection price. 2) Less common is an underground pipe leak. If this is the case, we will tell you what pipe is leaking and, if possible, we will put a temporary plug on the broken line to stop the leak. Depending on what line is broken, you may have the option to just leave the broken line plugged and still be able to use the pool. The first two plugs that we have to use are included in the price of the leak detection but we charge for additional plugs or if we have to cap a line at the equipment. If you choose to have the underground leak repaired instead of blocking off the line, there will be an additional charge to bring in special equipment to pinpoint the exact spot underground, excavate that spot and repair the underground pipe. The price for this service varies depending on a few factors including the type of ground or decking that needs to be excavated. But will generally run between $500-$2000 additional to the $375 Residential Leak Detection fee that is due for our services whether you choose to fix the underground leak or not. 3) Less common still are skimmer boxes broken beyond repair or pool structural cracks. Both of these issues require an in person quote. Our price of $375 is a flat rate fee for concrete Residential Pools up to 15k gallons. If you think your pool may be bigger, or if you have questions, please call us for additional information.

Contact Details

(954) 799-6250

Broward County, FL, USA

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